What We do

LHI Brewing Co. creates world class beers that are inspired by our world heritage home. We celebrate and educate about the unique Fauna found on Lord Howe and nowhere else in the world.

Endemic Fauna

Some of these insects & animals have been on the brink of extinction and through careful management saved for many generations in the future.

Who is Lord Howe Island Brewing Co.?

Who we are

Just two mates

Lord Howe Island Brewing Co. was started by two mates, Anthony Riddle and Christian Young, who wanted to celebrate the Island’s natural fauna and flora through world class beverages.

We also wanted to share the Island’s unique endemic species that occur nowhere else in the world.  We hope you enjoy these products as much as we do!

Anthony is a 6th generation Islander and lives on the Island with his family.
Christian grew up on the Island each summer for 24yrs with his family

Why don't we brew on Lord Howe?

A few reasons

LHI relies on rainwater for its water source. It's hard to brew when you are in a drought.

The Brewing process uses a significant amount of water and there is a large amount of waste material in the process.

Yeasts used in brewing are not native to LHI and particularly with yeast being a live culture this could have an effect on the unique eco-system.

Minimise the footprint/impact on Lord Howe.

Freight to and from the Island is extremely expensive, so we only ship to the island what we need to. The rest we keep on the Mainland.

Where do we Brew?

We are Gypsies

We "gypsy brew" with some of Australia's best Independent Brewers.

We work with our brewers on recipes specific to our market on the island as well as mainland for different styles and flavours. The family owned, independent brewers we work with are a fantastic support to us.

We are an on Island business licensed through the Lord Howe Island Board and a Member of the Lord Howe Island Tourism Association.

Part of each sale of our products goes toward supporting community and eco programs. The latest activity was distribution of hand sanitiser to each home, school and hospital on the island.

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